Venture capital investing across the continuum of entrepreneurship.

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AVAC Group is an internationally syndicated, multi-stage venture capital investment company.

AVAC Group is primarily a Limited Partner investor in select and diversified venture capital funds, and collaborates, finances and directly assists in the formation, commercialization and growth of Canadian agricultural technology companies.

Our Investment Platform

Technology companies need funding
at all stages of growth.

For more than 20 years, we have supported companies at all stages: startup to scaleup to exit. Our roles have been diverse: from funding, to business management, to sales development to technology commercialization to name a few. AVAC Group provides expertise to technology companies at every stage of entrepreneurship.


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Company Formation

Seeding New AgTech Ventures.

Carrot is AVAC Group's company formation platform. It is a business model to attract experienced leadership to vetted agricultural technology and form new companies.

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Canada is home to some of the world’s top Ag Tech innovators and experienced entrepreneurs who have led successful businesses. Carrot brings the two together to launch new Ag Tech companies. Guidance and seed funding from the AVAC Group will springboard these new companies on the fast track to success. Funding from Carrot will only be allocated to these newly formed companies.

Carrot removes three of the major obstacles that result in the high failure rate of Ag Tech startups:

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Attracting a competent management team
and board of directors.

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Ensuring a market focus.

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Providing adequate seed
financing to support
the company.

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Accelerate Fund I Limited Partnership

Formation to Early Stage

AVAC Ltd. is the General Partner and Alberta Enterprise Corporation is the sole Limited Partner of Accelerate Fund I.

Accelerate Fund supports the growth of early-stage Alberta technology companies with a venture capital fund that matches angel investment. The capital for Accelerate Fund I is fully invested in these forward-looking businesses.

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Exited Companies
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Fund Of Funds

Startup to Growth

Our fund of funds investing is a balanced mix of technology and Ag Tech fund investments. We have formed partnerships with top venture capital firms with proven records of success both in Canada and abroad.

AVAC Group is an investor in the following funds:

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BridgeCo Capital I Inc.


Launched in 2017, BridgeCo Capital is an exit stage syndication fund for third-party venture capital funds. BridgeCo Capital invests in venture capital-backed technology companies with near term exit timelines.

For company founders and executive leadership, expression of exit intent is often confidential. The identities of BridgeCo Capital portfolio companies are only shared upon completion of exit.

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*Portfolio logos only from the "exited" companies.

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Not sure where you fit in the continuum?


About AVAC Group

Our team brings venture capital and entrepreneurial experience valued by our investment partners and portfolio companies. Collectively, we are entrepreneurs, investors, science and technology experts, company builders, and business drivers.

Our management team is fully immersed in the entrepreneurial and venture profession across all technology domains. We apply our agriculture industry experience and knowledge to match the challenge of advancing agriculture technology commercialization in Canada.

AVAC’s Board of Directors provides governance and contributes to its entrepreneurial finance and agricultural knowledge through their professional and entrepreneurial experience in agribusiness and technology.

What Sets Us Apart?

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We invest broadly using venture capital principles and discipline.

AVAC's continuum of entrepreneurship icon

We invest in specific areas across the continuum of entrepreneurship.

Establishment, development, and growth icon

We accelerate the establishment, development and growth of innovative and disruptive Canadian Ag Tech companies.

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